Pairings & Recommendations

Ferments (fully fermented vegetables)      

25 oz.    

*RyKraut  (our signature green cabbage ferment; with lemon, aged garlic & a proprietary spice blend, chef Chele’s son Ryan started Wildly Fermented as an 8th grade school project with his Great Great Grandmother’s european kraut recipe)

-It's so good on pizza, avocado toast and tempeh sandwich and so much more. 

*KymChi  (eaten for centuries as a preventive health practice,  Napa cabbage, carrot, bok choy, daikon, green onion, garlic, ginger, & no fish sauce, spice level 5)

-Complements fish, try on a taco, good addition to a bowl, or make your own sushi


(Purple cabbage is  known to destroy pathogens in the digestive tract with juniper berries, leeks (prebiotic)

 -Compliments any meat, delicious with mashed potatoes


(Green cabbage, carrots, red onion(prebiotic) & lime a  traditional ferment of El Salvador, spice level 3.5)

-The empanada condiment, perfect for a rice and bean dish, takes an omelette next level.

 *Sunrise (Cabbage with turmeric, ginger, fenugreek &  proprietary spice blend Indian inspired anti-inflammatory blend of turmeric & ginger 

-Turn an ordinary rice bowl into a curry like stew

*Aura (Green & purple cabbage; mild basil flavor with aged garlic & lemon)

-Par’s well with Italian dishes, delicious on its own

*Synthesis A powerful Immune System builder; broccoli stalks, (Very high in Vitamin C) with aged garlic, lemon & Astragalus     

-Best ever side dish to any entree

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